...Connect with people around you.

Location-based publicity and messaging app.


An online platform for interactions within communities.


Create posts and access posts from people around you, and join in on discussions without the hassle of exchanging contacts.


Stay connected and aware of issues affecting your community, and be informed about what’s happening near you. Simply bring your community online.


From your special moments to trending events, let people around you experience your world, and share in theirs also.

Create posts and pin it to your location


View posts from users around you


Filter Posts from users you follow and get instant updates on relevant announcement 

Get Notifications on activities from your posts


drumbeat is a public access app that enables users to create online posts, pin them to their locations and define the broadcast range.   Users within the post coverage area can access it and interact with other users on the app. 


...Connect with people around you

Location-based publicity and messaging app

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