About Us


Rights to the app/website are owned wholly by DRUMBEAT TECHNOLOGIES LTD (RC 1384587), a Nigerian registered company.

Our Story

We set out to build a platform to connect you with people around you.

drumbeat is a location-based publicity app that connects you to those around, enabling you to be informed on whats happening around you.

drumbeat is simply an online noticeboard that allows you to put up and/or see online notifications about events, commercial activities or just plain FYI's

With drumbeat you create notifications, pin them to you current location and define how far you want to broadcast. You also access posts made by others and can comment publicly or chat privately with them on the app.

So from promoting that upcoming state carnival, telling your neighbours that you have shoes for sale, to receiving traffic updates or simply sharing that joke, drumbeat is the location based publicity app for you.

Get drumbeat and get to connect with people around you.

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